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Valentines Day ..Fun or Folly

Like it or loath it February 14th is St Valentines Day. a day to celebrate love!

The history of St Valentine is a little ambiguous but it has been on the Catholic Church calender for centenary’s Modern Valentines day is a day of fun and romance, where cards and red roses are sent often secretly to wives, husbands, lovers, friends even your mother!

The red rose has long been a symbol of love. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddess of love. This is still so today where the red rose  continues to be the most popular way to say ‘I love you’ the definitive symbol of love.

With few communal celebrations save for the glitz of Christmas, why not make this valentines day just that a celebration with your loved one.

With such a high demand for red roses yes the price rises and it is  just simply supply and demand, but I am constantly amazed how the commercial NZ rose growers manage to grow so many beautiful blooms just for one day, this is done by carefully pruning their plants back usually around Christmas time so they have a growth flush and blooms ready for Feb 14th.

We always receive calls from excited recipients who have received roses from a secret admirer and want to know who sent them and NO we do not tell we are always discrete!!

Rose not your thing we have plenty of other beautiful flowers, cute novelty soft toys, heart chocolates.  And we deliver….discreetly!!!

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Sympathy flowers a helping hand.

As florists we are very involved with sympathy and funeral flowers. This is one of life’s most stressful time and there is no doubt flowers soften and comfort. I am always asked for a suitable card message. Of course there is no ideal or correct answer to this most personal request. I usually ask as to the relationship with the bereaved  family and have a few standard phrase to help. The words sympathy, condolences , thinking of you, always come as the easy ones but I feel they are a bit sterile so I have a few phrase that may help.

‘Because of the love you gave us you will never be far from our hearts’

May you have memories for comfort, friends for support,and flowers to ease the sadness’

Our time together was far to short.. May you rest in peace Love..

We wish to express our sympathy in your loss and to let you know our thoughts are with you.

But most of all I have spent many years in the flower industry and I KNOW HOW FLOWERS ARE ONE OF THE MOST CARING EMPATHETIC gifts to send to the bereaved family or as a final tribute at a funeral. Nothing does it so well.

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Sending Flowers via the internet is not always what it seems.

Sending flowers via the internet is quick and easy. You get to work 9am and suddenly remember its your Mother,Wife,lovers birthday or anniversary what do you do… easy get on the internet and google:flowers deliveries. The list of florist appears which one to choose.. most of us choose one at the top, to difficult to decide from a long list. Click on the lovely pictures, choose one to send. The whole process is over with a few clicks you have filled out the address form, a message for the card and within minutes your credit card has been charged!! Great, all done leave it to the florist to do the rest…. but beware some web sites are just that on line with no on the ground florists. These company’s will just e-mail a local florist to for fill the order but taking a very big commission in the process. One off shore company I know can take up to 40% commission. So the value of your flowers is very much smaller than what you have paid. It is not always easy to see this web site is just working on commission, in fact if you looked at this site and want to send flowers to Kerikeri it would have a nice local picture and tell you the weather here!! Please try and use a very reputable company such as Interflora which is a cooperative of florists or better still use a florist in the town or area. This is very easy to decide as they have a street address and local telephone number.This ensures you get the correct value with no middle company creaming the profits!!! You loved ones will not be disappointed and […]

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Orchids Orchids everywhere.

I have just returned from a local orchid grower with a huge box of orchid stems.What a treat to visit the grower and see the lovely plants growing and flowering, tall stems climbing from the plants with fat swelling flower buds ready to bloom.Hundreds of plants in plastic hot houses.

The Cymbidium orchid is the most commonly grown species. Their large beautiful flowering stems give a feel of sheer luxury when added to any room.The colour range is now very extensive  and  stems can have up to 15 blooms.

These flowers are available all winter in NZ, grown mainly for the export market usually sent to Japan and USA. They dovetail well with the northern hemisphere growers as their crop ends as the southern hemisphere ones starts. Unfortunately this year the Dutch growers have extended their season and have overlapped. This has caused the prices to crash, plus the high NZ dollar is making it very hard for the local growers

So they are putting plenty of stems  on the local market at very competitive prices. Look out for them at your local florist.

The beauty of the Cymbidium orchid is their long vase life 4 to 6 weeks!!! What other cut flower lasts so well and they are so easy care.Just pop them into a large vase and leave. I suggest you change the water every week but if you don’t the water still stays fresh unlike most cut flowers

So enjoy Cymbidium orchids whilst they are here. A real winter treat.

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Spring just around the corner

What better way to brighten these dark winter days than spring flowers. The commercial cut flower industry is always ahead of the seasons. So beautiful spring flowers become available in winter.

A wonderful vase of tulips, daffodils, jonquils, Iris or scented freesia and anemones can lift the spirit on any dark winter day.

Spring flowers need no special care they are the easiest, never being subject to the heat of summer just pop in a vase and enjoy. They displace the water so don’t fill the vase too full and with lovely fleshy stems can live with out water for days.

Tulips are regularly sent to market dry packed but once in a vase of water watch them grow each day, they curl into the most wonderful artistic shaped this is unique to tulips no other cut flower does it quite the same.

Daffodils are popping up in my lawn at home first the slim leaves then the tight buds only to open during the next month or so. ’A host of golden daffodils’ What better way to cheer the spirit..

Did you know bulbs have to be chilled in a fridge for up to six weeks before being planted and forced for out of season production  coming earlier than nature intended for us to enjoy.

Spring is just around the corner but at your local florist it here already.. enjoy

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Flower Instructions

To make your flowers last as long as possible, ensure they are re-cut with sharp scissors and placed in clean water away from direct sunlight and draught.

Change the water every 2 / 3 days. Special advice for roses and chrysanthemums should they droop. Re-cut stems and place in approx. 4cm of very hot water for 2 / 3 minutes. Then transfer to a vase of deep water for 1 hour to drink.

They should then revive and give much pleasure. Floral Preservative:- to use or not to use. I always use a good quality floral preservative in my vases in store.

It provides sugars to feed the flower, anti-bacterial agents to inhibit bacterial growth in the water which eventually destroys the stem cells and a Ph regulator. This all helps give the optimum conditions for long vase life, but remember the most important factor is temperature the hotter the room the shorter the flower life.

Never put your flowers in hot sun light.

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