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Valentines Day ..Fun or Folly

Like it or loath it February 14th is St Valentines Day. a day to celebrate love!

The history of St Valentine is a little ambiguous but it has been on the Catholic Church calender for centenary’s Modern Valentines day is a day of fun and romance, where cards and red roses are sent often […]

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Sympathy flowers a helping hand.

As florists we are very involved with sympathy and funeral flowers. This is one of life’s most stressful time and there is no doubt flowers soften and comfort. I am always asked for a suitable card message. Of course there is no ideal or correct answer to this most personal request. I usually ask as […]

Sending Flowers via the internet is not always what it seems.

Sending flowers via the internet is quick and easy. You get to work 9am and suddenly remember its your Mother,Wife,lovers birthday or anniversary what do you do… easy get on the internet and google:flowers deliveries. The list of florist appears which one to choose.. most of us choose one at the top, to difficult to […]

Orchids Orchids everywhere.

I have just returned from a local orchid grower with a huge box of orchid stems.What a treat to visit the grower and see the lovely plants growing and flowering, tall stems climbing from the plants with fat swelling flower buds ready to bloom.Hundreds of plants in plastic hot houses.

The Cymbidium orchid is the most […]

Spring just around the corner

What better way to brighten these dark winter days than spring flowers. The commercial cut flower industry is always ahead of the seasons. So beautiful spring flowers become available in winter.

A wonderful vase of tulips, daffodils, jonquils, Iris or scented freesia and anemones can lift the spirit on any dark winter day.

Spring flowers need no […]

Flower Instructions

To make your flowers last as long as possible, ensure they are re-cut with sharp scissors and placed in clean water away from direct sunlight and draught.

Change the water every 2 / 3 days. Special advice for roses and chrysanthemums should they droop. Re-cut stems and place in approx. 4cm of very hot water for […]