To make your flowers last as long as possible, ensure they are re-cut with sharp scissors and placed in clean water away from direct sunlight and draught.

Change the water every 2 / 3 days. Special advice for roses and chrysanthemums should they droop. Re-cut stems and place in approx. 4cm of very hot water for 2 / 3 minutes. Then transfer to a vase of deep water for 1 hour to drink.

They should then revive and give much pleasure. Floral Preservative:- to use or not to use. I always use a good quality floral preservative in my vases in store.

It provides sugars to feed the flower, anti-bacterial agents to inhibit bacterial growth in the water which eventually destroys the stem cells and a Ph regulator. This all helps give the optimum conditions for long vase life, but remember the most important factor is temperature the hotter the room the shorter the flower life.

Never put your flowers in hot sun light.