Mothers Day 2nd Sunday in May.

Modern Mothers Day was first celebrated in 1908 in Virginia USA when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her Mother, she then began a campaigner to make Mothers day a recognized day. In 1912 she trademarked “second Sunday in May” and “Mothers Day”.

Since then we in NZ have celebrated Mothers and Motherhood the 2nd Sunday in May. Most countries have an equivalent day during the year sometimes a religious festival but our date is by far the most common.

In spite of the common complaint that the day has become to commercial, Mothers Love it! We all want to honor our Mothers they are so special to us.

So what do most of us do gifts, cards, a phone call, take her to lunch or dinner.

The most special and beautiful gift is living flowers to touch Mothers heart and make her feel so special. So where ever in the world you are ring me or your local florist to send flowers to Mum with lots of hugs and kisses.