Sending flowers via the internet is quick and easy. You get to work 9am and suddenly remember its your Mother,Wife,lovers birthday or anniversary what do you do… easy get on the internet and google:flowers deliveries. The list of florist appears which one to choose.. most of us choose one at the top, to difficult to decide from a long list. Click on the lovely pictures, choose one to send. The whole process is over with a few clicks you have filled out the address form, a message for the card and within minutes your credit card has been charged!! Great, all done leave it to the florist to do the rest…. but beware some web sites are just that on line with no on the ground florists. These company’s will just e-mail a local florist to for fill the order but taking a very big commission in the process. One off shore company I know can take up to 40% commission. So the value of your flowers is very much smaller than what you have paid. It is not always easy to see this web site is just working on commission, in fact if you looked at this site and want to send flowers to Kerikeri it would have a nice local picture and tell you the weather here!! Please try and use a very reputable company such as Interflora which is a cooperative of florists or better still use a florist in the town or area. This is very easy to decide as they have a street address and local telephone number.This ensures you get the correct value with no middle company[sometimes of shore] creaming the profits!!! You loved ones will not be disappointed and you will have gained lots of brownie points!!!! Remember flowers are the best gift, the most appreciated, beautiful, scented tactile gift to receive.  Send Flowers for all occasions and enjoy..  Cherry