I have just returned from a local orchid grower with a huge box of orchid stems.What a treat to visit the grower and see the lovely plants growing and flowering, tall stems climbing from the plants with fat swelling flower buds ready to bloom.Hundreds of plants in plastic hot houses.

The Cymbidium orchid is the most commonly grown species. Their large beautiful flowering stems give a feel of sheer luxury when added to any room.The colour range is now very extensive  and  stems can have up to 15 blooms.

These flowers are available all winter in NZ, grown mainly for the export market usually sent to Japan and USA. They dovetail well with the northern hemisphere growers as their crop ends as the southern hemisphere ones starts. Unfortunately this year the Dutch growers have extended their season and have overlapped. This has caused the prices to crash, plus the high NZ dollar is making it very hard for the local growers

So they are putting plenty of stems  on the local market at very competitive prices. Look out for them at your local florist.

The beauty of the Cymbidium orchid is their long vase life 4 to 6 weeks!!! What other cut flower lasts so well and they are so easy care.Just pop them into a large vase and leave. I suggest you change the water every week but if you don’t the water still stays fresh unlike most cut flowers

So enjoy Cymbidium orchids whilst they are here. A real winter treat.