Like it or loath it February 14th is St Valentines Day. a day to celebrate love!

The history of St Valentine is a little ambiguous but it has been on the Catholic Church calender for centenary’s Modern Valentines day is a day of fun and romance, where cards and red roses are sent often secretly to wives, husbands, lovers, friends even your mother!

The red rose has long been a symbol of love. The ancient Greeks and Romans identified the rose with their goddess of love. This is still so today where the red rose  continues to be the most popular way to say ‘I love you’ the definitive symbol of love.

With few communal celebrations save for the glitz of Christmas, why not make this valentines day just that a celebration with your loved one.

With such a high demand for red roses yes the price rises and[ no I do not increase my profit margins] it is  just simply supply and demand, but I am constantly amazed how the commercial NZ rose growers manage to grow so many beautiful blooms just for one day, this is done by carefully pruning their plants back usually around Christmas time so they have a growth flush and blooms ready for Feb 14th.

We always receive calls from excited recipients who have received roses from a secret admirer and want to know who sent them and NO we do not tell we are always discrete!!

Rose not your thing we have plenty of other beautiful flowers, cute novelty soft toys, heart chocolates.  And we deliver….discreetly!!!